Who is Brian Zheng?  How Can He Help you Become a Multi millionaire?

Multi Million dollar entrepreneur and innovator.
Forbes says that Brian Zheng is one of the top 10 product marketers in the world. Entrepreneur Magazine is saying that he created one of the top 100 most brilliant companies. He has also been part of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 55 by the United Nations and has also been recognized as one of the top 500 entrepreneurs under the age of 55 by an organization of peers. To date, Brian Zheng has created seven multi-million dollar companies and 26 multi-millionaires and designers in the U.S. and other countries. Brian Zheng has been awarded more than 200 U.S. patents on his innovative consumer products. He licenses products to more than 70 companies around the world. People call him a top influencer, innovative designer, and creative entrepreneur.
To date, Brian Zheng has built 7 multi million dollar companies, 26 multi millionaires, and added countless growth and prosperity to communities around the world. Are you the next multi millionaire? What is holding you back from success for yourself and your family?

Success Through Innovation. This is How to Become a Multi Millionaire

Here are some of my personal inventions that have made me a self made multi millionaire for many years. Brian Zheng has sold to many companies, such as: Rubbermaid, FastCamp, WellCoda, IC IClover and many more.

Pop-Up Playhut

This is the iconic product line in the toy industry. Founded in 1995 it has accumulated $930 million in less than 30 years
More than 100 million pieces or variations of this product have been distributed for the past 27 years. The business exceeded $5 million in the first year to today exceeding $57 million.
This product is licensed and combined with the Pop-Up/EZ Twist technology to build a character-driven play tent for children. This product alone generates $50 million every year for Playhut.
Playhut product line originated from non graphic, non licensed characters but primary color fabric and steel loop. Constructed multiple products to build up the specialty market in the US during the mid 90’s. One of the products called mega house, has been a flagship for the Playhut product line. It generated $5 million a year alone. It continued to perform for the next consecutive 7 years.

Auto Sun Shades & Screen Shades

Brian Zheng’s first invention has generated more than $510 million since 1989.
The sales revenue exceeded $11 million in the first year for the Sun Shade. Even though there were many other competitors under the same licensing agreement, the total revenue exceeded more than $45 in the first 3 years. Since its inception, the product has exceeded more than 1 billion products distributed all over the world.
Under Brian Zheng’s management and consulting, there are many companies selling this product under a licensing agreement. These companies have generated hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.
Brian Zheng created these sun shades that were built specifically for all automobiles. They were designed while he attended the College of Art Center and Design in Pasadena, California as a student going for his Master’s Degree in Industrial Design.
From selling in the swap meet in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena to mail-order catalogs such as Brookstone and Sharper Image, to Price Club, Costco, Walmart, Target, Pep Boys, Autozone, and many more stores.
It generated multi millions for him and was his first success. Brian Zheng turned his own idea into multi millions.

Pop-Up Hamper

This modification of the Sun Shades has been produced to more than 41 suppliers in the U.S. market and generated more than 700 million pieces as well.
Promart became a very strong licensee of the item and grew their business to $35 million in under 7 years, utilizing the technology and the licensing agreement. Under Brian Zheng’s coaching and consulting, the owner of Promart built up a very reputable product line to help the company reach $35 million annually.
This is a mass-produced product around the world with the similar concept Brian Zheng used with the Pop-Up/EZ Twist technology for the sun shade and the children’s play tent and play structures to construct easy storage, collapsible hampers for the home. Brian Zheng has helped license to more than 11 companies in the U.S. to build this product and market in the mass and specialty market. It is sold in Walmart, Target, Walgreens to Bed, Bath and Beyond, JCPenney, Amazon, and many other stores.

Pet Playtent

This product helped one company grow from ground zero to $26 million since it’s licensing agreement in 2003.
In the first two years in business, Sport Pet LLC. design reached $10 million in sales after engaging with our licensing agreement. Year three surpassed $15 million in sales and consecutively grew the next six years in business. The product is sold in Petsmart, Target, Amazon and all over the country.
Utilizing the same technology developed for Brian Zheng’s Pop-Up and EZ Twist products, this line of collapsible tents for pets is another example of how Brian leverages technology advances into multiple vertical markets ensuring consistent revenues in all markets. Brian Zheng licensed this product to Sports Pets, LLC for manufacturing and distribution in U.S. markets.

Pop-Up Organizer

60 million pieces have been shipped throughout the last 27 years in the U.S. alone.
This storage concept, utilizing Pop-Up/EZ Twist technology, generates no less than $30 million per year, even today. It is used from one of my licensees, Promart, LLC in California. In 2002, Promart approached Brian Zheng for assistance with a licensing agreement. There are 20 different variations in terms of design and merchandise of this product.  Brian has coached and consulted 11 different companies to build and market around the strong product design, including specialty, online and mass markets.


This is the second most successful spring/summer product with EZ Twist technology and generates a minimum of $27 million every year.
This is the Pop-Up pool float for all members of the family. It utilizes the same Pop-Up/EZ Twist technology combined with proportional inflatable tube. Collapse and fold just like the Pop-Up Automotive Sun Shade. Produced by my licensee Swimway for the U.S. market.

Hunting Tent

The most convenient hunting tent on the market today, with it’s high price point, generates a high profit margin each year.
There are several licensees under my licensing agreement for producing and selling this product line in the U.S. market. It shares the same concept of Pop-Up/EZ Twist technology by using some of proprietary graphic designs for better disguise while hunting.

Over 200 Patents

Brian Zheng owns more than 200 U.S and foreign patents that he has accumulated over the past 30 years, with his first being his iconic Pop Up Sun Shades. With his many years in business, he has developed and worked on many of these concepts to growing successes together and on their own.

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Education Is Knowledge and Prosperity

Innovations and Inventions to become a multimillionaire.
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Grace Todd

She went from working out of her own garage and grew her company, where she is now the CEO of a $33 million business.
Grace Todd is the founder and CEO of Premium Up INC. Brian Zheng has coached and licensed to her company to carve out a premium incentive industry for her to run the business in this industry. She has done many premium partnerships with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Camel Cigarettes, Kraft Foods (Heinz Ketchup), Yahoo, IBM, and many others throughout the years.
She printed their logos on Automotive Sun Shades for promotion as a premium incentive product. It was a great success from Brian Zheng’s coaching. It also helped him source out a much better price point from overseas to help her generate better design and bigger volume of product to build higher profit margins.
The factory, in 1994, she was able to ship 231 containers of the product only under the Kraft foods promotional contract. It was approximately 2.7 million pieces of product, generating more than $15 million on this deal alone. Brian Zheng not only coaches her through the business practice but also helped her son get into the College of Art Center and Design in Pasadena, California. He eventually went onto becoming a teacher at Standford University.

Azar Azera

As an immigrant he started his own organizer company. Partnering with Brian Zheng and his EZ Twist technology, he generates almost one-third of his revenue each year with that line alone.
Azar Azera is the CEO of Promart, located in Orange County, California, selling organizers and home goods for the household. After a litigation settlement, he became a licensee of the Patent Category Corporation (PCC) and started paying royalties for the Pop-Up/EZ Twist patented technology.
Under Brian Zheng’s coaching, tutoring, and consulting, he was able to grow his product line from two knockoff products, previously, to more than 17 items and SKUs. Azar grew it exponentially as a food container organization line, offering to customers such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Walmart, Ross, and many others. His business, within this product line, and under Brian Zheng’s instruction, grew from $5 million to $37 million from 2001-2007.

Phil Hale

Launched his company by first leasing a cubicle from Brian Zheng’s office. Today he generates multi-millions every year, working in his own facility.
Phil Hale and Brian Zheng grew up together during his college years while Zheng was studying English as a second language at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington. Zheng was living in Hale’s parents’ home. Hale starting working for Zheng in the late 2000s in Los Angeles and later on he was able to establish his new company as a startup, Presentation Switchers.
Zheng was able to provide Hale with an office and cubicles to help him start his business in my own office facility in City of Industry, California. Within 16 months Hale was able to launch the product line and grow the business from his own idea into a multi-million dollar success in his own niche market.

Dan Kellogg

He first started his company, striking a licensing agreement with Brian Zheng. Today he is generating $39 million annually.
Dan Kellogg is the founder and president of Sport Pet Design, located in Milwaukee, Wisconson. His company originated from a licensing program from Brian Zheng and the Patent Category Corporation (PCC). He utilized Playhut’s design into a smaller design for dogs, cats, hamsters, etc.
He grew his business from nothing to $39 million within five years based on the product line from PCC and Brian Zheng. His product is available in Petco, Petsmart, Kmart, Walmart, Target, and Amazon locations throughout the nation. Under Brian Zheng’s consulting, Kellogg was able to source a reasonable price for a manufacturer in China to produce a good quality and reasonably priced product.

Eric Zheng

Working for many of Brian Zheng’s companies, he eventually moved from the U.S. to China and formed his own company, generating $14 million annually.
As a student of Brian Zheng, Eric Zheng first met Brian when he was a graduate student, studying industrial design, in China. His professor at the time asked Brian to train Eric and a group of several students. Brian invited Eric to California to finish his master thesis from Brian’s Playhut product line. Eric also worked for Playhut from 2014-2017 in California.
Eric decided to start his own entrepreneurial business in China with an after school program for elementary and middle-grade school kids. It has dawned great success and he is in the process of opening multiple locations. Based on the policy China is now open to allow more children to be born into the family, and because of this, Eric is now opening a daycare and preschool. He makes more than $17 million a year with the partnership and a consultant of BZ for his business.
He is also running Brian’s other company, Azooca, in China and handling Brian’s design and concept to produce products in the pet category as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier in Europe, Australia, China, and Japanese markets. The business is strictly dealing with licensing and consulting and generates $7 million per year in income

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